boy or girl?

I had my blood drawn for a test to see if the baby would have down syndrome but they said they could also see the sex. How accurate are these tests and could it be wrong because they didnt get the baby's blood they got it from my arm. Has ant one else had this test done. And had a Different out come?

    There is a blood test that can tell you based on hormones in your blood whether you're carrying a boy or girl. If the hormone isn't present it's a girl, if it is it's a boy. I think you get it in with the AFP test, but I'm not sure what it's called / if they even check anymore. I remember my doctor telling me around that time "Oh, by the way, you're having a boy." I would imagine there could be a small margin for error if your baby has a genetic condition that would throw off a false reading (like having a baby with both genders. Rare, I know.) <I did not have an amnio, and he was a boy.>
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