What is your opinion about a female getting pregnant to raise that child with the mothers girlfriend.? The father does not want anything to do with the child.. Would it be wrong of the mother to do that or would people be accepting of it?? I would like your thoughts please :)

    I agree with Brande. I know someone who has done this, but no papers were signed or anything. The mother & her partner stayed together for awhile & the daddy the entire pregnancy didn't want anything to do with it, but then after the baby was born he decided it was his child & wanted to be a part of it's life. It really made things complicated for the child because now it has 2 mom's a dad, & several siblings on both side. Then the mother & her partner split up & the poor kid is lost as ever because now it has 2 dads & 1 mom, & wondering where the other woman went. As long as you get everything cleared up & signed before the baby gets there it should be okay, but in my opinion if you don't plan to do that please don't do this. The child is the one who suffers so much confusion. Best of wishes.
      Well the man is a married man and weve been talking bout it for a while. He doesnt want any paper work because hes not telling his wife.. and he has his first born already.. but I see what you mean. Thank you.
      I am here to be supportive, but in my personal opinion (I'm not judging)'s just the way I see it. You don't want to go down that road. So many things could go wrong. What if (God forbid) there is something genetically wrong with the baby or it has to have some kind of surgery that only the father can be the donor to & you can't contact him without breaking up a family. If this is something you truly want going to a sperm bank may be the best way.
        The best way to do it would he to have the friend sign over any legal rights and have the other mom legally adopt the child. If for some reason you would ever need to be on assistance you would have to provide the fathers name and they would go after him for child support and then the dad would probably sue for rights. Also, not to get too personal, but if you or the other mom are going to concieve "naturally" versus have the guy donate sperm..this could cause a HUGE issue! Keep I mind that it would still be him cheating on his spouse. Like I said I'm not trying to get personal it's just another aspect of it. And if he's not going to tell his wife then that means that he feels she would have a problem with it, which could be the demise of their marriage if she finds out. It's always best to be up front and honest because if no paperwork is signed this could come back to hurt the wife as well.
          A lot of people probably won't be accepting of it, but it's not their life. I have no problem with it, but I definitely think you'd want yourselves covered legally. The married man bit could cause problems though, like other women brought up... What if the baby needs something like a donor?

          Would the man be able to donate sperm? Or could you just use donor sperm?
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