When to stop changing the litter box?

I know it's not safe to change kitty litter when you're pregnant... but when do you stop?

I think it's safe until you've found out you're pregnant, assuming you find out around four or five weeks.

Did you stop when you were trying to conceive or after you found out?

    I talked to my midwife and did some research.. the toxoplasmosis is rare unless your cat is a mouser. I was told to wear a face mask, double layer of gloves and wash hands. But I always just dumped it straight in the trash can and put new litter in so I didn't have to dig. We went through more litter, but it was better than having to dig through it.
      As soon as you get your husband house trained! Haha sorry I couldn't resist... But I worked at a vets office where we did boarding as well when I was pregnant with Tristen and I stayed far away from the litter. Better safe than sorry :-)
      Yeah, at a vet you never know.
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