One of the Perks of Pregnancy

One of my favorite things about being pregnant, besides the excuse for naps, was feeling my baby move inside my womb. It was amazing! And the further into my pregnancy, the more powerful the movements became. I remember my hubby being able to see the movements from outside. He was astonished. With wide eyes he stated, "That is freaky!" He was gone for the most part during my step-daughters pregnancy, he told me (he was on orders with the national guard), so he never saw all of the awesomeness of being pregnant.

I loved to watch my belly as my son moved about. He would move more when I was talking, especially on the phone to my sister. He once even kicked the phone as it lay on my belly! I also remember him kicking the ECG band when they were tracking his movements and heart rate as I itched closer to my delivery date. He would even kick the little device for the sonogram as it moved across my belly, which caused difficulty in measuring his head. He was constantly moving about and did not want anything touching his mommy's belly.

The only discomfort due to movements was when he thought it was a good idea to lodge his foot near my lungs, and leave it there for a week. He also would kick my pelvic area--ouch, yes.
LOL He's a little stinker.

What was/ia one of your favorite things about being pregnant?

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
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    Melissa Middleton
    One should always let a pregnant lady pee first (or child). We, sadly, cannot hold it. I only almost lost it once when I was gross.
      8Theresa Gould
      I loved baby's movements too and my husband tended to baby me a bit more than usual. ;)
      Melissa Middleton
      Mine as well. It was nice being treated like a queen...until he treated me like I was going to break. Haha
      He even broke down and gave me a few foot massages. I was shocked.
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