Babys eating time

I have been feeding Andrew two 5 oz bottles at 5am because that's the only time he will drink formula. Then he doesn't want to eat any baby food till around 12 is that OK to wait that long to feed him? or should I try to make him eat anyways.At night he has another two 5 oz bottles around 7pm. He was eating a lot more before but I'm not sure why he doesn't anymore.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Is he still gaining? Is he happy or fussy? His behaviour and wet or dirty diapers should tell something too. If his behaviour is something other than happy and thriving then I would discuss Andrew's eating habits with your doctor.

    That doesn't seem like a lot for a nine month old but then again I really didn't use bottles with mine so I had no way of knowing how much they were drinking exactly. A quick google search brought up 16-24 oz of formula/breast milk a day so he is within that range.
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