Has your child ever had lice?

Lice are a fact of life when your kid goes to school. You will be VERY lucky if you never have to deal with a bout of it!

Has your child ever had lice? Did you find it difficult to get rid of or easy? Any tips or tricks for dealing with lice?

    Thankfully he is not old enough to have dealt with it yet. But if he does he is getting his head shaved. Lice are very hard to treat mostly because people don't treat everything or treat once and think that's it. But those little stinkers are hard to get rid of!
      I just read a post that a lot of pharmacies carry shampoo with tea tree oil in it. Just look at the ingredients. It's good for prevention and getting rid of them if you get them. If you don't have to show the lice treatment box to the school, get coconut oil and a shower cap. Slather on the coconut oil, put the shower cap on overnight. It smothers and heats them to death-eggs and all.
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