Have you ever kept a gratitude journal?

I have to admit I have not, though when I journal I do try to express my thanks for different things. I think my wants and needs outweigh my gratitude.

What would the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal be?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Aw.. I have not either.. but I think it might make me realize how blessed I am.. even though I try to thank the good Lord nightly for all that I have.. writing it down might seal the deal a little more. That being said.. a neat thing is going around on social media called #100daysofhappiness.. basically you take a snapshot everyday, for 100 days.. of something that makes you happy.. and over the course of those 100 you kind of realize how amazing you have it :) So many of my girlfriends have done it!
      I have done this...I stopped for some reason but I totally should start again! You have inspired me :-) I did it when I was going through some REALLY rough times in my life just to remember that there was some good in my life too because I seemed to be overwhelmed with grief. This post just brought back so many memories!
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