A Dad's Story.. What the experts DIDN'T say about formula feeding..

I love this article.. it's from a Dad.. who in a nutshell, had to formula feed his daughter.. it was his only choice.. it goes through the era of when many were shunned and scared when they resorted to formula feeding in the 90s.. the stigma around it and the scary ideas of what would happen to your baby if you did strictly formula feed. Fast forward to present day... his daughter is happier and healthier than most... boom! :)

Mamas.. weigh in.. I think this is a supportive boost about how feeding and taking care of baby is fine.. no matter which way you do it!


    How you choose to feed your baby is your choice. As long as baby gets fed, that's what matters. There should be no shaming on either side. When I formula fed, I was shamed by a few moms who breastfed (my sister didn't understand the whys until she had one with tongue tie and switched to formula for a few months, she successfully relactated later). When I breastfeed in public (like a restaurant or the park, which doesn't happen much, but some-nobody at church says a thing), I get shamed for wanting attention even though I'm completely covered. As far as the immune system he talks about, my bottle fed baby was a sick baby, while my breastfed babies have been well.
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