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I found out something (else) interesting yesterday that I thought I might share with you ladies. First off, I don't like CC.. Period. School should be about learning, not about the next test. Second, I do agree (to a point) that a child in the first grade in Washington State should learn the same thing as a child in first grade in Florida and everywhere in between. BUT, to say they have to be at a certain place every quarter could be demanding too much. I'm still learning about CC and it's damages.. Part of the bill is to phase out special education. A public school classroom can only go as fast as it's slowest student. Can you imagine what will happen if CC stays in practice? The kids who learn the concept right away will be bored out of their minds while the teacher is trying to get the ones who don't understand, to understand. In my opinion, this has to be the worst clause of it so far. I was informed Adrianna is technically considered a special ed student this year, and my niece is in the special ed system, too. I just didn't know if anybody else knew about this or not.

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    I've heard from other teachers they are integrating the kids back into regular classrooms to conform. I'm glad the curricula is working for your mom's students.
    A school a good friend works in are phasing out ALL special ed. They told the teachers it was to comply with CC standards.
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      I haven't liked what I've heard about CC so far and am thankful I homeschool so I don't have to deal with it, to be honest.
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