Missing my baby boy :(

I held my son while he slept in my arms and i cried last night.....i hate working and being away from him for 40 hours of the week :.(

    So my situation has now changed, too... The other girl in my small office got hurt and broke both of her arms. One requires surgery. She's going to be out for months. It would be very ignorant of me to quit right now. My girls are starting a new daycare today, too. I spent most of last night crying. I'm so nervous. This was NOT the plan. I'm so worried and nervous and upset and disappointed in how this turned out. I'm right there with you!
      Melissa Middleton
      I may be having to do that myself. It breaks my heart just thinking about it. But, you are doing what's best for him, even though it's hard. I am so sorry. :(
      It's never easy being away from the ones we hold most dear.
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