Thnking ahead to getting back in shape after baby...

So I've been reading up on challenges that second time moms don't face with the first baby, and I've repeatedly seen people say that it can be a lot harder to lose baby weight with baby number two. I'd love to hear about your experiences and especially good pointers for working exercise into a busy schedule.

I found getting back into shape easy with my little boy because I lived in a place where I could do all of my errands on foot and I was home with him for the first year (lucky on both counts!). Getting outside and walking was part of our routine . I no longer live in a place where walking is easy, and I'm going to be working part time right away, so will have less time to set aside for exercise.

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    I have a plan in place and am so excited to get into it! With my first, I kind of turned into a weird hermit and didn't leave the house and it took me 6 months to realize I was gaining weight, not losing it, after baby and that nursing didn't magically make you thin again. This time around, I plan to start PiYo about 3 weeks post delivery since it's low impact, no jumping, and focuses a lot on core work, which will be great right after baby. At about 4-6 weeks post partum (depending on circumstances and doc recommendations) I plan to start running again. After I finish PiYo (60 day program at home), I will do a Turbo Fire/Les Mills Pump hybrid schedule since I have those programs from after baby #1. I will be headed back to work full time sometime between 8-12 weeks after baby #2 but luckily my office has an onsite gym and a great running trail right outside along the river so I can get my workouts in on my lunch hour! I am so committed to starting to get back into shape right away this time instead of procrastinating like I did last time. I did a half marathon in December 2013 and I would like to do another by Fall 2014 if not summer. My husband is really supportive of this plan and knows what I want to do and accomplish and I know he will help out with managing the kids if I need to get a run or workout in at home.
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      I still need to get into shape after my eight so I really do not have any tips but wish you the best in your journey!
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        I walked and did some exercising while holding him--hip-hop dance type exercises (while he was still light). He loved to dance with me. I'd squeeze some in while he napped. But, I still am not where I was nor wnt to be.
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