School and Motherhood

Anyone going to school while being a mom? How difficult is balancing homework, the children and their activities, classes and time with your significant other (if that applies)? I am thinking of going back to school, so I would appreciate any tips. And how do you pay for it? Any insider tips on scholarships?

    I am doing a program through penn foster for medical billing and coding. It is a certificate program that will take about 15 months to pay off and I pay $49 a month. I can pay it off sooner if I want too. They do also offer degree programs, the only reason I didn't do one of those is that you have to take proctored tests so I would have to find someone who is certified and then pay to have them observe me taking my tests. And that just wouldn't work for me.
    It is not easy balancing but it's possible. I have a husband who is gone long hours everyday so everything falls on me to do. A typical day is, get my husband off to work, mommy baby time for a few hours, then I study and let him play by himself (which doesn't always work) then nap time during which I clean the whole house, after the house is clean I either study or work if I have work available, then after the kid gets up it's kind of a repeat of the morning, then cook dinner, eat and bed for him then it's alone time with my husband. We study together so that helps, I either study or work depending on how the rest of the day has gone. Somehow in there I manage to fit in laundry, a trip to the post office everyday to get the mail, potty training, trips to grandmas to go swimming, outside playtime, running errands...somehow it just works. I try not to stress about too much and try not to stick to a precise routine. It's less stressful for me that way.
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