Help, toddler sleep issues

We're having issues with a sleep regression. Riley was doing great at going to bed on his own at night. He sometimes fussed a little but usually less than a couple minutes. Now it is taking over an hour to put him to bed. He insists on being held or laying next to us and screams when he is put in bed by himself. Does any one have any experience with this or suggestions?

    Hi Stacy, I agree with Melissa, it can help if one is not already in place. We also do what Erica said with transferring. We began with transferring andalso on days he may have been under the weather we would let him lay with us if we did not lay with him in his bed. If he is a milk drinker a small cup an hour before bedtime is helpful and allows time restroom prior to sleep. Reading a bedtime story is always something to look forward to. Or you can try playing some soothing soundscapes or instrumental sleepy time lullabys at a low level. Running my fingers through my sons hair or lightly rubbing his belly seems to always soothe him to sleep. I sometimes sing to him first while rubbing his head. If not cuddles and talking about the day you guys had and letting him know what's in store for tomorrow may help while letting him know afterward that it's time for sweet dreams so we can rest and be ready for the big day. Hope this helps.
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