missing my baby

so my littlee girl went on vacation to visit some family members.she wont be back until next weekend.shes been gone 2 weeks how do you guys keep busy in situations like this.i hate not having her by my side

    That would be hard. My son drives me crazy but I can't stand to be away from him for very long.
    Sometimes I day dream about being away from him but then I have a day where I can't even make it through his nap time before I miss him. Lol
      Melissa Middleton
      My step-daughter wants to live with us, so we are trying to make it happen. It's a long story.
      I miss her when she isn't here. I usually clean, talk to friends, go for a walk...but it doesn't stop me missing her. We (us mommies) miss them because they are awesome kids, and we love them. Before my son, the home would feel lifeless. Kids bring a lively spirit to the home.
      Once, my son was with my in-laws for an hour. It was agonizing. I missed him, dearly.
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