How often do you wash your jeans?

I usually wear mine twice and then wash them, I was wondering if this is pretty average? When it comes to the kids jeans I do the same unless they get them dirty.

Do you wash jeans with every wear or less often?

    Melissa Middleton
    I used to wear them twice but now I never stay clean. My hubby usually wears his good jeans twice as well. My kids stay messy. They are a magnet for messes or dirt. Lol
    Melissa Middleton
    Lol...exactly! My son decides to spit up right after I put a new outfit on him or a clean shirt on myself, and of course I just had a shower. I, eventually, just started using baby wipes instead of constantly changing his clothes or mine. There wasn't a point to putting another clean set of clothes on, thus creating more laundry.
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