Sorry I've been missing in action lately. We finally switched my sons crib into a day bed. He is not too excited about it - he no longer gets to be Spider-Man.
I'm also once again behind on schoolwork and house work. How did I let it come to this? Eh.. Eventually I'll get caught up. For now I'm taking it easy and trying to practice not loosing my temper from lack of sleep. It's bad when everything goes double. I am grateful that I was able to get a hold of my motherinlaw to watch the kids for me to take a power nap. Am I still fully rested? Answer: is that possible? (Without heavy medication) Hope every one has a great weekend!

Danielle KeltnerColumbia, Kentucky
Danielle Keltner
Homework and client work. It is really sunny - I wish I could take the kids to the park. My husband is working over time and has switched second shift. I have more respect for those whose husbands are gone most of the time and single mothers.
    8Theresa Gould
    I hate getting to behind but life happens. Glad your mil was able to watch your children so you could take a power nap. Have a productive weekend!
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