Just went to the doctors and they had the nerve to say my baby is fat. I breastfeed her all the time. Just introduced peas(which she is allergic) and they tried to say its my fault for giving her peas because she isn't older than 6 months. Bull okay my first daughter had baby food at three months and she was fine. So I'm definitely changing her doctor.

    That is terrible! Time to find a new doctor!
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        8Theresa Gould
        That's just crazy, I'm sorry. Glad you are looking for a new doctor.
          Melissa Middleton
          Really? Calling an infant fat?! Does the doc want them anorexic? LOL...a lot of babies are chunky. It doesn't mean they are not healthy. My son is 7 months, about 20-21 pounds and 28 inches long. He isn't fat...he is chubby as most babies are. Hence the phrase, "Baby fat."

          Breastfed babies seem to be a bit more bigger anyway, but that doesn't mean they are fat. Feeding her less won't solve the problem, especially if she is hungry. It'd be cruel to starve her.

          And how does feeding her peas before 6 months cause an allergy? My mother fed us food around four months old. We had rice or oatmeal cereal around two months, and we are healthy. It constantly changes each year--the food and cereal thing.

          I started my son on purees at five months and peas was one of the foods. He is only allergic to green beans so far. I hope you find a better doctor.

          We had to switch pediatricians as well because the one we had didn't seem to like babies or children. That's a wrong profession for him, but he'd make a great salesman. LOL (He acted more like one anyway). He also sent his intern in more often than he saw us and misdiagnosed our son. We see a new pediatrician and he is awesome. I hope you find a new one for your kiddos that has more bedside manner and knows more about what he/she is talking about.
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