Do you know who Ana and Mia are?

A scary subject to deal with when raising teens is the prevalence of eating disorders. People who have eating disorders are usually very adept at keeping this secret and may enjoy rituals and extensive plans when it comes to hiding the secret of their eating issue.

So, who are Ana and Mia? Ana= anorexia. Mia= bulimia.

Why should you know this? Well, there are communities of people who support each other in the quest to continue their eating disorder called pro ana or pro anorexia communities. Often you will hear them discuss Ana and Mia as if they are people, not as an eating disorder. So if you come across a search for Ana, Mia or pro ana/mia yu will want to have a discussion with your teenager about why this was in their search history. If you hear them mention Ana or Mia to their friends but it doesn't make sense in the context they are saying it, pay attention.

Have you ever heard of this before?

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