How to keep an active 8 month old baby busy.

My daughter has been extremely active these days since she learned to crawl and walk with a push toy. She is busy exploring the house, and seems bored at times. I have made her play stations down stairs, in the dining room and upstairs. She loves to have story time
pool time/kitchen utensils like pots/pans spoons.
play time includes, building blocks, pushing beads on wire, shaking toys, listening to music and dance.
She loves to pull clothes out of the hamper, which I have made a box just for her to pull out misc clothes items.
An activity table.
Finger food painting.
Mirror time/body part identification
Animal sounds matching them to the animals.
Matching game/match sock to shoe/brush to comb ect.

How do you moms keep your active babies busy?

    I am a very outdoor person since my daughter hit 7 months we have been pretty much out exploring. Now she is 10 months and we just took a two week trip to the east coast where most of the day we were out meeting friends or visiting places. Got back and next week we have children's museum, library and yoga classes lined up. Also I am planning a hiking trip soon. She too loves to crawl and cruise around.
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