What does your school supply list look like this year?

For Bub it's the general stuff. Here's his list:

12 - #2 Pencils

2 - Glue Sticks

1 - White Glue

2 - Pink Erasers

1 - Pair Scissors

1 - Pencil Case

10 - Pocket Folders

2 - Pkg. Lined Paper

1 - Pkg. Plain Paper

8 - Lined Notebooks

2 - Blue Pens

1 - Red Pens

1 - Ruler

1 - Pkg. Pencil Crayons

I don't have my daughters list yet, I'm sure she will get that from her teachers.

    We just got our list for Aidan today. 60 pencils are on his list! 60!!
    60?!?!? What are they going to do with that many pencils???
      I'm a little confused here....Why would a kid need so many pencils???? I was expected to use a pencil until it wouldn't sharpen anymore. I went through maybe a pencil a year...so where are all these pencils going??
      LOL my parents were mean. If I lost a pencil I got in major trouble.
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