Whole milk!

How bad if actually really bad is it for a baby, say 9 1/2 months to drink whole milk? She hates formula and I just don't know what to do? She seems to be okay with whole milk super watered down that I have given her............

    Have you talked to the pediatrician about the switch? Just watch out for anything out of the normal (excessive spitting up, diarrhea, rash). Good luck with your decision.
      The reason a baby needs formula and/or breast milk until they're at least one year old is because their digestive system isn't developed enough to absorb the necessary nutrients from other sources. They need a very specific balance of nutrients and fat, which can only be found in human breast milk and formula.

      Whole milk is calibrated for what baby cows need, not baby humans. Plus, milk from the store is processed and pasteurized, which compromises it's nutrients even more. It won't exactly hurt her, but it could leave her with a nutrient deficiency if that's her main source of food.

      After a baby's first birthday they're generally capable of eating a large variety of solid foods. They have more teeth and they're digestive system has evovled to be able to process solids and extract nutrients. So if you switch to whole milk at that point they'll be able to make up for the nutrients they're not getting from formula anymore. At 9.5 months Skye probably isn't able to get enough from the solids she can eat.

      So, I guess I'd keep pushing the formula as much as possible. Whole milk won't hurt her, but if she fills up on that she won't get the nutrients she needs to grow big and strong :)
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