OK, I need help..... my favorite, love of my life and I are not agreeing on the nipple pulling technique she has suddenly started.

She is 2 months today, she started about a week ago. When she does it, I just stop breast feeding, And she screams and I give in.... again, please give me a solution....thank you so much......

    She is pulling on your nipple with her mouth? Do you have inverted nipples? Have you tried pumping before breastfeeding to get your nipple erect so you can get her to latch on well, i'm thinking she's pulling because she's not latching well.
    I've had that problem before, try to go to a quiet area so she's not distracted if she pulls off switch sides or try to hold her a different way, try the football hold which sometimes works best so she wont pull off as easily.
      Is she pulling with her mouth or her hands? If it's her hands I just get ahold of her hands and let her hold my fingers instead. If she is pulling with her mouth, do as Lindsay suggested.
        8Theresa Gould
        Now that she has become more efficient at nursing perhaps she is not getting a let down fast enough. I know mine would do that and once they got a let down they stopped and just nursed. Could that be it? Babies patting or caressing our breasts is a way to stimulate receptors to send the message to our brain to make more milk....I probably did not explain that correctly but that is the jest of what happens, so I wonder if the tugging would do the same thing in baby's impatience? Do you notice if you have a let down soon after she does the tugging? @Katie?
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