family secrets

my son just turned one and lately i have been looking back on the last two years and everything we have been through. when i found out i was pregnant my husband was unhappy as he didnt want another child and then when i was 10 weeks i was in a car accident. during my exam to make sure my baby was ok i was told (without my husband in the room) that i had triplets. since my husband was already upset i kept it to my self. a few days later i went back to the hospital and was told that i had lost one of the babys. i was sick with the flu and physical pain the rest of my pregnancy. by the time it came to induce only one child came out. when i talked to my doctor about this they told me that my other baby had stopped developing and had been absorbed. i kinda feel that the pain i experienced was my body still thinking i had three when there was really only one. i morn the loss of my children but i dont think i can talk to my husband about it. he loves my son but he doesnt ever want another. this is my secret

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