Think I may be dilating....

I am 35 weeks and 2 days and I think I may have dilated a little... I'm always having Braxton Hicks and my vagina just feels different. I get a pinching feeling down there often. Especially after sex. We did earleir and I have had BH, mild abdomen and lower back pain, and a pinching feeling in my vagina. I just feel so opened up down there, and I have A LOT of pelvic pressure. I'm not really in pain, but I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I have a doc appointment in 2 days, and I'm sure he will check me then. I am being induced on Sept. 5th, but who knows... I could go into labor before then! And I would be perfectly okay with that as long as nothing would happen to me or the baby! Lol :)

    I would check with your doctor, some doctors will try to stop labor at this point and some wont. Make sure you drink plenty of water since dehydration can cause contractions. Try to take it easy too. I hated the pelvic pressure during pregnancy, it is so darn uncomfortable!
    Remember that it is a good sign that your baby is low. Hopefully it will make your labor shorter!
    ugh pelvic pressure is the worst ur so right.
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