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So, my husband and I have been discussing me returning to work. We need the extra income, but I am worried I will lose the bond I have with my son--more importantly, time with him. I will be working 5-6 days a week and long hours.

Have any of you faced this? Did you lose connection with your child(ren)?

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
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    Melissa Middleton
    Yes, we do need it. It breaks my heart thinking about it, and I want to cry when I do.
    This is a tough decision.
      I'm a single parent, so I've always had to work. I don't think that it causes any loss of bonding though. You'll miss him while you are at work and it'll be hard, especially at first. But I personally believe that it's good for babies/children to be around other babies/children. Don't worry about missing any of their special moments either,after all the first time you see it is still the first time, even if someone else already saw them do it. I went right back to work from maternity leave with my daughter and will be doing the same when my maternity leave ends this time as well. Ultimately though only you and your hubby can decide if the extra is worth it, especially if it's going to add day care expenses you wouldn't usually pay.
        I returned to work when Payton my oldest was a couple weeks over 3 months and with Madilynn she had just turned 2 months when I went back to work and the bond I have with them wasn't disrupted at all. Madilynn is a momma's girl all the way and when she is with the sitter has a "mama" cry. If it would benefit your family to work then you have to what is best for your family to be supported with out putting it all on your hubby.
          I think you'll still have the bond, but I can imagine that will be tough. You'll miss him, I'm sure, but I think he will still love and be close to you emotionally as much as he always has.
            Melissa Middleton
            Thank you, ladies. :) I know we need the extra income, but it still rips my heart in two because I am going to miss him and he always wants me.
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