Who Would Take Your Child(ren)?

I'm starting this new job that provides free life insurance and I had to fill out the paperwork for primary beneficiaries and secondary beneficiaries. It kind of got me thinking though. If I died, of course everything would go to her father because he'd be the one taking care of Clara from that point on. But, what if we both died? Highly unlikely, yes, but it's entirely possible. It got me thinking about what would happen if we both died. Who would take care of her? I kind of automatically assumed my mother would and her father doesn't seem to have any problem with that, but what if his mother wanted to? Would they battle for custody if we both died? I wouldn't want her to go through that especially after losing both of her parents. It definitely made me realize we might want to all sit down and talk sometime soon and get something legalized if something were to happen to both of us. At least then, both families would have a plan and would know what to do.

But what about you ladies? Has this ever crossed your mind? Do you have a plan if your child(ren) lost you and dad both?

    Melissa Middleton
    I hate thinking about that, but it has already been discussed. One of my older sisters, who is like my best-friend, gets my son. Jaina is my step-daughter. I believe she goes to her great-aunt.
      That's a scary decision, but I think it's very wise of you to have a plan, just in case.
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