Picky kid

Is anyone else's 1 year old picky about eating diner and what did you do?

    Well, when my daughter turned one, I still wasn't too upset about what she ate or didn't because she was still young. I gave her supplemental squeeze pouches (organic were the best, nutritionally) and also the big kid food from the jars. If I cooked food, I made stuff that was simple but I knew would fill her up like grains (rice, pasta, breads) and lots of vegetables. I slowly introduced different meats for protein but again, I relied a lot on the squeeze pouches for toddlers to supplement the stuff I knew she wouldn't eat like chicken or beef or pork. She loved fish though. Fish is really soft and flaky and usually very easy to chew. I just baked whole fillets and cut it into small, bite sized pieces and it worked really well.
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