OBGYN or General Practitioner?

When I turned 18 I started taking birth control pills, which meant I saw my OBGYN once a year. She would give me a full exam and give me a new BC prescription. This became my yearly physical, or so I thought.

I've recently been told by my clinic that an OBGYN can't be my primary care physician because they don't specialize in overall healthcare. She can handle anything related to reproductive care, but I need someone else on record as my primary doctor. Now, I could switch to a family doctor who does both basic gyno stuff as well as overall care but that means losing my OBGYN unless I'm pregnant. My OB got me through 2 miscarriages and the birth of my daughter. We're hoping to try for another baby next year and I don't want to lose touch with her before then...

My question is should I keep her and then add a second appointment throughout the year with a general physician? That seems like a lot of appointments...

    I know with most insurances you have to pick a primary care giver and it can't be a specialist which technically an OB is. I know with our insurance when I wanted to talk to the OB about getting my tubes tied I had to get a referral from the GP so that it would be covered. It's kind of the politics of health insurance. I love my GP though. I actually like her better than the OB. And I like knowing that my doctor knows my whole medical history and knows what works for me and what doesn't as far as meds and stuff goes, including birth control.
    I totally understand how hard it is to find a doctor you really like then they tell you that you have to find another one. It's frustrating!
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