Autistic Children

When my second son was 2, he still wasn't talking. He seemed normal except for that. I asked many friends, who told me that children develop at their own pace. When he was 3 and still not talking, my mom insisted that we take him to the doctor. The pediatrician was useless. She diagnosed him as having "expressive communication disorder" and suggested speech therapy. That was a joke. Then, miraculously, one day a friend mentioned a holistic doctor. Even though he didn't see children, I begged his receptionist to make an appt for us. He said he thought our son (who was 3-1/2 and still not talking) was autistic . He prescribed Inositol and Essential Fatty Acid (drops). I gave my son a glass of juice with a teaspoon of Inositol mixed in and put a few drops of the EFAs on meat. He started talking in sentences immediately! Now he's 17, and we've had trouble getting him diagnosed (he's been diagnosed with Tourette's), but I am so thankful that we went the holistic route. He's smart and musically talented. He does well in school with some assistance. Moms, if you suspect something isn't quite right with your child, listen to yourself! And remember that medicine isn't the only avenue!

    I've never heard of this treatment before now. I'm all for holistic approaches. Definitely trust your gut!
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