Get. Things. Done. Really, this time.

Whether you're pregnant, planning, or a mom of 17, you've got things you need to do.

In this world of flashy distraction after distraction, it's really easy to get caught in a loop of starting things but never really being productive.

As a lot of you know, I have a huge obsession with productivity methods. I found an app that mixes several of my favorite simple methods, so I thought I'd share it with you.

It mixes stating your mission, breaking it into subgoals, the Pomodoro method of working focused for a set amount of time with very short breaks at certain intervals, and rewarding/punishing yourself. I've tried similar apps, but the crass tone of this app just REALLY works for me.

It is NOT for the meek or the easily offended. If cursing bothers you, I'd skip this. But... If you need your very own drill instructor to keep you focused and get things done, it's perfect. If you don't complete a task or stop while the timers on (though it does have a setting to allow "urgent" tasks) You have to click "I'm weak and I give up." That's kind of the feel of the whole thing... trying, insulting, and ultimately helpful.

It's called Get Sh!t Done and it's free on the Google Play store.

What are your favorite productivity methods and apps?

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