Oh what a Sunday Bad Day I am having

I feel completely stressed and irritable right now. My hubby made a comment that completely ruined my whole day. He was looking up how to fix my car and became upset that it requires tools that only an auto shop has, and had gotten upset with that I didn't take the 2 kids to the auto shop to buy the part yesterday when it would have been the wrong part. He really upset because he basically said that I am lazy and sit on my butt all day. I understand that he works up to 70 hours a week and shouldn't have to do house work. However that doesn't mean it is ok that he devalues what I do. I work a job that is emotionally and mentally exhausting 32 hours a week. I take care of our 2 daughters. I prepare cook and clean up every meal that we have. I wake up at 4:30 in the morning when I have to work to get all of us ready to go. I do all of our laundry and all the cleaning including taking out the trash. So I feel like he under appreciated everything I do because I don't do hard manual labor for work, and I'm not at "work" for as many hours as him.

    Comments like that are no far at all... Effort,, work... Whatever you want to call it, it takes time, energy, perseverance. You don't sound like you sit on your butt all day at ALL. It sounds like you do a whole, whole lot. I'm sorry he said such a hurtful comment. He probably did it in frustration and didn't mean it. Doesn't make it nice or right though.
      Oh I understand how that feels. :/

      I'm sorry you feel under valued. That's BS though about how you don't work a physical job so it isn't as meaningful. You don't HAVE to work a physical job if you'd rather have a desk job. It's not YOUR fault you went one way and he went another when it comes to the type of work you do. It's just how things played out for you all.

      That said, he sounds kinda burnt out. I wouldn't give him any sympathy for the things he said that hurt your feelings, but I would as him if he's feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated. Or even just ask where this frustration comes from, maybe he's mad about something totally unrelated like work stuff?
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