Finding the balance. Work, baby, and romance.

This past week was my first time back to work, and it's a new job as well. I'm working Mon.-Thurs. because my boyfriends working Fri.-Sun. Im finding it hard to balance it all. I work 9-5 then come home and take the baby off dads hands and keep her till bedtime, around nine then im off to bed. then on the weekends she is mine for 72hrs straight. he works the graveyard shift so he sleeps all day so i'm in bed by the time he gets home. It's like we don't see each other and I never ever get a break. its almost like i have to sacrifice sleep and stay up late at night if i want anytime with my boyfriend at all, or to have any productive alone time.

    That's tough, Krista Price, and it sounds like it's going to take sacrifice on everyone's part. Can you guys take turns? Like you stay up extra late one night this week, he gets up early next week, and vice versa?
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