Homeschoolers, socialization concern?

I thought I would bring this topic up so that those of you who home school or plan to can discuss this a bit. And of course, those that don't can ask questions.

Did you or do you ever have a concern over socialization? How do you deal with this topic, of you find it a concern? Do you feel that this is a challenge for home schooling parents, or not really?

    I was homeschooled and I don't feel like I missed out on anything. We had church and most of our friends there were home schooled and there are home school organizations where parents and kids can get together. We did camps in the summertime, had our siblings, and any sports programs we wanted. I know when we were homeschooled it was a law in Oregon that homeschooled kids were allowed to participate in any team sports the schools did. I don't know if that's true anymore though.
      I think how much each child socializes really depends on the opportunities presented by the parent. Kids don't know what is out there to do and it's up to us as parents to get them involved. I went to public school all my life and honestly, there are better places to learn socialization. I was never part of extracurricular activities outside of school so my social life was limited to school and hanging out with friends.

      This topic perturbs me a bit because I really think society has deemed schooling more of a social affair than an educational one. School, public or at home, should be about learning. Period. Not about socialization. Not about your boyfriend or your friends. That's why kids aren't retaining as much as they could because they are too distracted by socializing. If you want your kids to be social, it should be at appropriate functions outside of school each day. I will not teach my daughter that school is about how cute you dress, how cool your supplies are or the friends you can make there. I want her to know I take her education very seriously so that she will take it seriously. Nobody put a lot of stock into my education growing up and guess what? Neither did I. If no one else cared why should I? I dropped out and got my GED. That's not what I want for my child. I want her to have all the fun in the world growing up, but not during school. You can play and hang out and do activities after school is done each day. And I will make sure to provide her with choices of activities so she can grow as a person and socialize.
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