Sharing your faith and spirituality with your children

In what ways do you share your faith and spirituality with your children?

My children know that first and foremost that I believe that everyone has their own path when it comes to spirituality and that I would be very unhappy with them if they were to disrespect anyone's thoughts or feelings when it comes to this topic. While you don't have to agree with them you do need to be tolerant and respectful of everyone's spiritual journey.

That said, we talk quite a lot about the topic. But more than anything, it is a lifestyle of being kind and considerate to all people that I hope I share with them. As I am a big believer in what you put out into the world is what you get back, I feel I have no choice other than to help them learn to put good things out into the world. Otherwise I can't teach them how to be happy.

Share how your family shares their faith within the household!

    well our daughter is only 2 but she knows that Jesus loves her and we also pray over every meal with her and we sing Jesus loves me and this little light of mine and we pray with her at bed time and she cant really talk yet but she knows how to say Jesus and amen so i do believe that she knows about who he is and that he loves her
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