Not Going to Get My Hopes Up...

So, the hubby & I had decided to use our 1st set of ovulation kits last month...after 5yrs of trying we figured why not give that a shot in case we were just missing our days...I'm supposed to start my period the 20th so we will wait & see. I hope & pray that I am finally pregnant, but I'm not getting my hopes up (done that too many times), & if I'm not...hey it was just the 1st go around. I have 3 more months supply, & if after that we're still not. I'm going to try that fertility tea so many of you have mentioned. Done been to the doctor about 2yrs ago & they tested both me husband & I & said there was nothing preventing us from just hasn't happened yet...but I'm NOT giving up hope.

    8Theresa Gould
    Hoping and praying here too!
      Thank you both so very much. :)
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      I've been w/my husband almost 7yrs & married for almost 6. We'd been trying since we got married to have a baby, & it just wasn't happening. We had both went to the doctor & nothing was wrong w/either of us. I had given up, but now we are finally pregnant.