Potty training

My daughter is almost 3 does not talk much nor does she tell me when she goes potty in her diaper was wondering what i can do to get her to start telling me so i can potty train her

    What Sheila said is a great suggestion. I'm in the process with my lil man as well. When you change her diaper do you speak to her to identify what she made in her diaper? I tried this technique out as my lil guy and he tells me what he has done although it has been after the fact lol.
    Possibly, showing excitement that she has used the restroom to begin with can help her want to tell you that she needs to go or has gone. If she follows you to the restroom let her know when you need to go potty and show her how you use the potty too. This can be very helpful. As I have been told, each child is ready on their own time it'll take patience but we must be patient and consistent.
    Pull ups were useless for me. My son likes his potty but more as the stool being it can be used both ways. They don't seem to like having wet themselves when just wearing underwear and that seems to help quite a bit. Accidents will happen but she could get confused if it upsets you that she went, so it's best when you have time to dedicate to her and as Sheila said take her to the potty every so often 30 min-2 hrs. (or even better on the times she has used the restroom if there has been a noticeable routine) and ask her if she needs to go. Anytime she goes make a celebration out of it. Even if she just shows interest to sit on the potty showing my son excitement has encouraged him quite a bit to sit on it. Hope this was helpful. Good Luck, it'll happen soon :-)
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      I'd familiarize her with the potty and maybe get a couple potty books out from the library. There's a couple cute ones out there. Then there's Elmo's potty time song, which worked wonders with our seventh child.

      My husband took our son's pull ups away (for day time use) about 2-3 months ago and our son was potty trained within a day. He is pretty much night time trained but we still put a pull up on him just in case.
        i just started sitting my daughter on the potty and at first she would like tap her pee and thats how i knew she needed to go and then she started running to the bathroom and knocking on the door and now she says pee pee and she doesnt talk much either
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