Upset Tummy

So this morning I drank a couple glasses of water when I woke up, went up and showered, brushed my teeth, threw up ALL the water. Tried to eat something on my way to work and my stomach is still feeling very much on edge. Trying to convince myself that drinking more water at this point is a good idea and might help me feel better, but it's not a successful conversation with myself so far. I really don't want to throw up again. Not sure if it's Olivia's bug from last week, or if it's just a recurrence of morning sickness/all day sickness. But I definitely do not feel well...

    Well I just lost what little food and water I had managed to keep down today in the work parking lot. Right outside my car door. I am sure I looked super classy throwing my door open and letting chunks fly. I barely got the door open in time though and it would have been worse to lose it all over myself and the interior of my car. At least the last time I threw up in the work parking lot, I made it to the grassy part of the lot... Not so much this time. Hubby made me call the doc to make sure she didn't want me to come in.
      The nurse that called me back said they don't worry until it's been 24 hours. Suggested I not try to eat anything for a little bit and start up with ice/ice chips and simple food after that. She said it's hard to say if it's food poisoning, morning sickness, or something else. I told her I had to drink and eat something now (i'm sipping water and picking at a sweet potato) because I felt woozy and had to be able to drive home after work. So we will see how it goes... I see the doc on Thursday, so hopefully I am feeling better soon so I don't have to go in early.
        I am doing better, at least my stomach is, yesterday I was still very achy and had a bad headache all day. Probably from dehydration, and it's been a battle to get rehydrated. I had a severe headache all night and this morning, even after drinking lots of water and powerade and getting my pee from dark orange (bad!) to a light yellow the headache is lingering. Could also be muscle strain from all the throwing up. I caved and got coconut water this morning, I don't love the flavor but it is finally helping with the headache!
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