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My daughter will be 6 months next week. She's had 1-2 tablespoons of baby food each evening since she was 4 1/2 months. Only switching to a new veggie every 6-7 days. She does fantastic with it and loves the veggies. (Backing up a little bit)...When she was a month, her pediatrician recommended adding a teaspoon of rice cereal per oz of formula in her bottle because she would spit up and scream all the time. Since then, she no longer is bothered by spitting up (and does it much less). Now she's almost 6 months and still has a teaspoon of rice per oz of formula. I'm noticing she's becoming less and less interested in her bottles but wants more veggies and cries when she's done with the tablespoon of them. I'm so at a loss of what to do. I thought formula should be their main source of nutrients, but she's only getting maybe 10-12oz a day. Shes not fussy and seems fine. I just need guidance on what to do. Do I increase her intake of baby food? Get rid of rice in the bottle? Add rice to baby food? just keep doing what I'm doing? I'm a first time mommy and just want what's best for my sweet little blessing, I just don't know how!

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    I think that's fine to gradually increase the veggies portion sizes. Try mixing together the grains that your baby has had without any reaction(s) - Brown Rice and Oatmeal with Pear Sauce for example instead of rice cereal.Many pediatricians even suggest yogurt as a great first food as early as 6 months of age. Mix some yogurt with a favorite fruit puree for a breakfast offering. Consult your pediatrician before trying my suggestions, please
    I like this idea. I struggle with just throwing rice out of her bottle because she has had it for so long (per pediatrician recommendation.) I'm fearful she's going to start the whole spit/scream thing again. We tried switching formulas in the beginning and she went almost a whole day without eating because she didn't like the taste of the other. The phrase "if their hungry enough, they'll eat it" does not apply to her. but I would think she would have outgrown the spitting/screaming stage.
      I would add the rice cereal with her baby food not in the formula. increase the amount of veggies and add fruit like banana in rice cereal or apple or pears. those are great first as well as avocados which has a lot of great nutrients.
      When my son turned 6 months he really wanted the baby food more.He wasn't getting enough even tho he was eating 8 ounces of formula every 3 hours with rice cereal in every other bottle. So I started teaching him to open his mouth and would show him by doing it too. He picked up on it pretty fast. And then i slowly started taking away more formula when he wanted the baby food. For a 6 month old I would give 8oz of formula every 3 hours. And rice cereal in her bottle just at her night feeding to get her use to it. And when she starts learning to eat the baby food. Start with just one jar and offer it to her 3 times in the day along with her bottles.People say not to put rice cereal in bottles but my son loved it because it would keep him full longer. You just don't want to give it to her in every bottle.
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