Busy week/weekend

I went to my doctor's apt on Saturday (have't seen a doctor besides my ob/gyn in about 10 years), they want me to get blood work done. I have to fast for that. No coffee for me that morning. Got that done for next Monday. YAY for me. Do a load of Ashley's clothes as well sometime this week. Clean the house and all that. Then I have my cousin coming to pick me up for a WIC apt on Friday, therapy on Saturday because on my daughter's theripst went back to school with the other job she has but that is only going to be for this Saturday only. Still have to look online for another Neurologist for my daughter and make an apt for Ashley before we go see her doctor in a month or two. Ashley was suppost to have a follow up MRI in Feburary but never had it done. I am going to scream with all the things I gotta go.

Hope you ladies weeks/weekends go better then mine.

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      8Theresa Gould
      Sounds like a busy time for you. I know what that's like! Hope you get to take it easy soon.
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