Have you ever?

A few weeks ago I had a random bleeding episode that resulted in getting a shot to stop it (the same thing happened when I got pregnant with Bentley). They did a blood test and it was inconclusive. Two weeks later I got another done and it was negative. I still feel sick and generally pregnant though. Is it possible they're wrong? Does anyone else ever question doctors?

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    It could have been that you were too early for a test to catch anything if you are pregnant. With my son I had a test during a regular GYN visit and got my prescription filled for the pill. I wasn't supposed to start them until I got my period, so I waited. And waited... after three weeks I took a home pregnancy test and BOOM, I was pregnant. The test at the doctors office just didn't show it, I was probably a week pregnant at the time, looking at the timing.

    So, long answer short.. retest!
      8Theresa Gould
      You can always get a second and third opinion, that's your decision.
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