9 month old daily activity to keep baby busy.

By now your baby is crawling, pulling up on furniture, walking with a sit-to stand walker, or walking. They have mastered how to pull open drawers and pull things off the shelves. Baby proofing should have come into place when signs of crawling occured, or before. Your baby is keeping you on your toes as you go from a non-mobile baby to a very mobile baby. Babies crave stimulation from birth on, and at 9 month is a good idea to get into a daily routine filled with activities to keep baby busy. I like to use a pre-school setting.
Morning: Wake-up breakfast.
free play
Story time
Nap time
Eat mid-morning snack.
Learning shapes, colors, building blocks, matching games ect.
Take a walk, go shopping, go to the library for story time and craft time.
Listen to music: Classical to toddler tunes. Dance and shake about.
Nap time
Eat lunch.
Free play
Mid-afternoon snack.
Daddy's home. Daddy incorporates his fun time with baby.
A few quiet moments before bed.
Remember not everyday has to be a strict routine, but as long as its filled with a few activities and outside time where your baby is around other kids, strangers that she does not know and see's you interacting, then your baby is happy.

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