Asthma in children, what are the red flags?

I will admit that I didn't know a ton about asthma when my kids were little. My son developed a chronic cough which I thought was a cold initially. When I took him tot he doctor he was diagnosed with asthma. I felt so terrible! If I had known I would have taken him in much sooner, but that's part of mom regret I suppose.

He did eventually grow out of it, moving to a drier climate really seemed to help.

Did any of your children get diagnosed with asthma? What were the symptoms that made you take them in to be seen? Or were they diagnosed during a routine exam?

    my sister has asthma. She was diagnosed when she was 2 years old and still has it, and she's now 23. We were lucky there was a doctor at the party we were at when her first case of it started. She had to be put in the hospital many time because of it. She was having a hard time breathing, and was gasping for air. Almost like she was out of breath. The doctor (crazy enough is now my son's doctor) grabbed her and listened to her chest while she was trying to breathe. He said she was wheezy and her lungs were pulling against her chest. She usually uses her inhaler after long periods of activities or else if she's around things she's allergic too.
    She still scares the hell out of me when she has an asthma attack. Growing up she was in gymnastics for almost 13 years and then was in volleyball in middle school and highschool. She always has her inhaler, but I'm still worried she will forget it one day and land herself back in the hospital.
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