Play Space!

Mamas... Monroe is semi mobile.. meaning he rolls, scoots a bit and crawls a tad backwards.. the dude is going to move SOON! Anyways.. that being said, do you have a little play area designated in your house? In their room? In the livingroom? I am trying to figure out the best solution here! :)

So far I made a little corner in our living room, with a blanket, huge pillow, baskets for toys.. etc.. his room is further away from the living room and kitchen so I don't want to put him in there solo! :)

Any suggestions and what you did, MUCH appreciated!

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        Melissa Middleton
        Right now, I just have two and we are teaching our oldest not to leave anything small that Jonah can reach. Jonah desperately wants to walk. Sigh. I think he may skip the crawling stage, although important, and just start walking because all he wants to do is stand and take steps with help. Alas, he is stubborn. Lol

        Right now, the living room is a playroom and remains that way for both kiddos. My house looks like a daycare center. We do have baby gates blocking any stairs or steps and plan on getting guards for the furniture and edges of walls since my son finds it humorous to head ram objects. He is wild!

        I believe they still have play yards that can stretch or you can get linking baby gates to block a certain area off in your home. I know how you feel not wanting to leave him where you cannot see him. I am not comfortable doing that with my son, either.
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