What type of birthday plans did you or will you make for your toddlers birthdays?

Birthdays are such special days and whether you choose to keep them intimate with just family or have a large celebration the most important matter is the little one having fun and showing happy emotions. Whether you feel these are the years they will never remember so why put so much effort etc? Or even if you feel the opposite. What did you or will you do for you do for yours toddlers?

It's understandable. Looking back at old pics my mom went all out for me when i was really young and it's nice to see. But I don't remember any of that. I felt bad not having a nice gathering this year for my Lil guy but some of his buddies are on vacation and Mark will be out of town for work. But we will make it special for my little peanut in some way. :) just to see him happy and having fun will make me happy
    8Theresa Gould
    We kept them low key with just family and depending on their age allowed them to pick out their dessert and meal - toddlers tend to flip flop over choices.
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