Do you lead by example?

I will never forget being told once by my Beloved Mother (May She Rest In Peace) at a time I was much much younger saying to me "Do As You're Told, Not As I DO"! My mother truly was a strong-loving woman with a lot of sass to her style :-) However; this phrase comes to mind often for me only because it really is true that our little ones watch and observe and learn from us. Lil C has always been so alert and observant and his personality has truly been coming out more and more each day, week, month etc. along with his efforts in trying to do new things he sees us or others do.
On the flip side, I have been around others that lead one way and expect very different habits by their children. How about you?

    I try to set a good example but I also explain to my kids that I am an adult and my rules are different then their rules.
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm with the others. We try our best and like Katie said, we are adults and they are children so there are different rules.
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