My Poor Girl

My momma bear is coming out today...
Adrianna had a placement test at the end of the year... And had another one yesterday. She couldn't even pronounce the words in the word problems on the math test, let alone have any idea what they meant. When she asked for help on pronounciation she was told to 'just do her best'. She was really frustrated and really mad last night because she's scared they will put her back in fourth grade.
I emailed the teacher this morning. I want a copy of that graded test. She obviously needs more help than the school can give her, it's been going on for too long that they are lax in teaching her phonics and pronouciation skills and figuring out what words mean by context clues.
I know public school can have it's advantages, but I HATE the school system she's in...

    Melissa Middleton
    Bless her heart. They need an after school program it sounds like to help kids who are struggling to catch up, and have someone there to explain it to he instead of saying, "try your best." I am sure the teacher meant well but they need more help for the students.
    She's in an after school program, but they don't help much.
    Her daddy was a special needs kid (he can't understand anything if he reads it, it has to be read to him and even then he struggles).. It's the same teachers, the same school system. They have no high expectations of her, they EXPECT her to be just like him. She reads on a second grade level, I believe she can read higher (she read a sixth grade level book at my house and only struggled with a few words) but they don't expect her to and allow her to check out AR books on a FIRST grade level. She's supposed to be in fourth this year but I have a feeling she will get held back, especially after looking at state standards. That will devastate her.
    I'm praying she has an understanding teacher this year that will go the extra mile.. But we are 1 for 4 (one teacher since kindergarten that went the extra mile)... I don't have my hopes up for that.
      Poor kid. I needed help in school and I remember my grandma(she raised me) going to administration to get me help
        Apparently they were just doing it so they had a base to test them against in the spring.
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