Baby Name..

Is there meaning behind the baby name you picked?

If so.. tell below!

Our little guy is Monroe August.. his first name, we just loved, no symbolic meaning.. but his middle name is after my father in law and his father's father! :)

    Breanika lee because she has an older brother named braniken and her mothers middle name is lee. And Bentley Michael because we just liked Bentley and Michael is my husbands name.
      My daughter's name is Selena Renae. Selena means moon, she's my little moonbeam. Renae means reborn, I chose this name because it flows well together.
        Christian and Tristen my husband pick...why I let him give them names that rhyme I couldn't tell you lol but they both have the same middle name after my husbands uncle that passed away. If we have a girl this time I want to have either her first or middle name be Vivian after my grandma :-) no more names that rhyme. Haha
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            Ever Lopez
            my 1st born name is Ozzie and it means "bear god; God's power"
            my 2nd born name is Wilber and it means " Willful; bright."
            My soon to be 3rd will be Gianluca means" God is Gracious"
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