Fluid in our baby's kidneys followup!!!!!!!!! :)))))

Okay friends I have some great news.
Today was the second visit to Maternal Fetal Medicine to see the specialist about Caleb's fluid in his kidneys. Guess what? His kidneys are NORMAL. Did you just read that? LOL. Normal.
Dr How said he is a normal healthy baby boy!!!! It turned out to just be a position thing. So that being said they don't need to see us anymore. (No more specialist!!!.) He is breech but he still obviously has time to move but they did say if he is still breech they will induce or c-section me at 39 weeks , in 6 weeks....but like I said we still have time. Caleb is in the 50 percentile!!! Meaning he is an average size/weight baby. He has some full cheeks lol. All I have to say is the technology today is good to have but it also can be a little too much. I feel it only added stress and worry to me as the weeks progressed but I prayed without ceasing. Did I fail the test at times, I believe so but majority of the time my Faith has been strong. I feel these trials we have faced only strengthen my love and Faith. Chris has been so supportive and been such a blessing during this pregnancy...while I was the one worrying.....he is such a great husband and he will make an amazing father.

    Oh that is amazing news! I am so happy for you. What a relief. Sometimes I think that when we fail the test of faith, we have actually passed the test because the true test isn't to see if we will never doubt, but to see where we end at. As long as we end with our faith still in place then we have passed. Sounds like you have a great husband and support!
      I am so happy to hear that you got good news!
        thank you so much ladies!!!!
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