Epidural or No Epidural!!

I've dealt with so many pains throughout my 30 years of life dealing with bacteria infections and blisters that were size as quarters and dollar coins. Not too mention a monthly cycle that hurt so bad that I would pass out for being in so much pain along after taking pain meds. I would always have these 5 mins apart sharp pains after suffering from severe cramps pains on the first day, which I called them contraction lol...........so I've been advice to get an epidural from recent moms and friends, but I'm also skeptical about that as well because there are side effects to it as well.....My question is does anyone have a high tolerance of pain and how did you cope with labor pains????

    I firmly believe that every pregnancy and every labor is different. I have a high pain tolerance and I have 4 kids. I had my first two with no drugs. I was in so much horrible pain with my third that I got an epidural and it was wonderful. I had my fourth baby with no drugs.

    I think that you should go into labor with an open mind. See how it goes and make a decision during the heat of the moment. Do plenty of research ahead of time so you understand the risks and benefits. Whatever you choose to do feel good about that choice, there is no wrong choice.
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