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So Nick and I have started thinking about having Baby #3 and we have talked a lot about it and would really love to have it. Our Problem is, is that both families are totally against us having another one. They want him to get fixed and when I'm 25 get tied, that's how sure they are about not wanting another baby in the family. But Nick and I want another baby and Nick wants to Try one more because him and Jacob are the late boys to his name.

I really want to try and have another baby but my concern comes from Jacobs Pregnancy. Although he was born on time big and Healthy I had a huge Sub-chronic hemorrhage and my body attempted to have him at 32, 33 and 35 weeks. I'm afraid that my Dr will put me on bed rest the entire pregnancy this round.

The other reason I want to wait is I personally want to be able to celebrate my Birthday this year. I spent my 20th Birthday in the Hospital cause Jade was born the day before I was 20 I was able to celebrate my 21st was pregnant during my 22nd. Does that make me selfish that I want to be able to have another birthday just to myself??

Should Nick and I try for baby number 3 to add on to our wonderful family??

    8Theresa Gould
    I wouldn't let your families sway you. It is yours and Nick's decision. If you both want another baby, then you should go for it!
      its nice to have the approval or acceptance from our family because they help a lot with the kids. Nicks parents are in their 60s and have a hard time keeping up with the two we have. And my parent help a lot too but are about 15 years younger and live a much more active life style but my mother has stated many times that nick needs to be snipped that its better in the long run. So it kind of hurts that we dont have the acceptance of the family and fear we will become the black sheep if wr have another one.

      On the plus side my OB has given me the clear.
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